1. First Things First

The first thing you have to decide, after deciding you want a web page, is how you want your page set up on the internet. There are many different ways to do this. First you should understand how the internet works. The web is like real estate. You can buy or rent places for your site. There are different ways to do each. If you buy, it costs more, but you have more say over what happens plus the web address is up to you. Such as:
http://yourname.com (with a name you pick) as opposed to

The shorter name makes it easier for people to remember your web address. But it may not be worth the money to you. Whichever way you go this money goes to Internic. Some people will try and charge you more for registering you with them but I won't. Internic is the one who you buy your right to the internet from if you want to buy. It costs $70 for the first two years then $35 a year. Basically this gives you your exclusive internet name.

2. Finding a Host

The next order of business is to get some space on the web. There are three ways to do this:

1. Go to a hosting business and pay them to set you up then pay a monthly fee for the space and use. There are many hosts out there, and if you want I can shop around for you. It can be pretty confusing out there, how many megs of space you get, what the baud rate is, what kind of cgi-scripts you get...I think you get the idea. I have seen them range from a $10 set up and $10 monthly fee for a small site without many frills to hundreds of dollars for all the Bells and Whistles. If you want your own web address as I talked about in number 1, you should go this way.

2. Rent space from me. This is quick and easy, and relatively cheap. I will rent out space at a rate of $1.50 per meg of space. Most web sites work for under 5 megs of space. This means $7.50 for the space. You will not get your own address. Right now it will be http://bradpayne.com/yourname/. There would be no Internic fee. The set-up would be included in the price of the web-site construction. So right now your cost would be just the space itself.

3. There are many places out there you can get free space on the web. If you have your own web provider, like AOL, they sometimes give you free space. Also there are some places on the web itself you can get free sites. Geocities is one. The problems with these sites are there are limitations as to what you can do with them. Some of the places also make you put advertising on your site for using there space. I have also found it difficult for some people to get to these sites. The traffic is heavy and cumbersome, but for something cheap it works.

3. Your Web Site

Now comes the the fun part. Designing your page. Together we will talk about what you would need and want on your page. We can put your own logo, picture, or words on your site. A guestbook, mailing lists, E-mail, whatever you need. I will let you look at it on a test page before we put it on your site. For this I will charge you $30 an hour. Some places charge you a flat fee, whether it takes them 10 min or 10 hours. A site like this one would take about 4 hours. For a simple one page site it would be a lot less. For a site like I did for Brad Payne it would be much more. It depends on how much stuff you want on your site.

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