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Damn Yankees

It's Just Those

Damn Yankees


Back in 1989 I was reading Rolling Stone magazine and in the random notes was a little section stating that Ted Nugent was starting a new band with X-Styx guitarist Tommy Shaw, named Damn Yankees. Well Let me say that made my day! So for months after that I searched the "D's" in every record store I went to. Then one day There it was. I turned it over and There was My boy Tommy...but wait...isn't that...Yes it is! Jack Blades from Night Ranger! I had seen Jack in concert a few years before and thought he was great. Well That was the start of a great love between me and This new band Damn Yankees.

I have only seen them once live in concert, but the was one H**l of a concert!! The Yankees ROCK live. I have seen many videos of concerts and they are just as good. DY has recorded two albums with a third in the works now. All the guys work doing other projects, but when they want to just kick back and have fun they come together and songs just regurgitate from the Depths of their souls.

As for now the yanks seem to be on a long hiatus. They did try making another album but after the record company got ahold of it the boys said YUCK!!! So they are waiting till there day jobs calm down and have the time to do it right.