Jack Blades New Album

My Review - by Susan Turnbow

Jack Blades self Titled new album is an interesting mix of music. It shows the diversity he has had in his song writing career. From Night Ranger to Damn Yankees to Journey he has written some great songs. But Jacks stamp can be heard especially on the base parts in "We are the Ones" and "On Top of the World". The base lines on these two songs run right through you. This whole album makes me move. Great driving beats and catchy tunes. You can see the Jack that wants to rock out on these songs. Easy to believe "We are the Ones" was supposed to be a DY song. By now we have heard over half the songs on the defunct 3rd DY release and I believe that would have been one hell of an album if done right.

If you are a fan of Jack and Tommy Shaw this album is a must. Their Duet on "Shine On" is classic. The Bridge itself turns bluesy and makes the song. And this is a duet not Jack on Lead and Tommy on backup. This is the other supposed DY tune on this album. Michael Cartilone plays drums on part this album too, so almost a full DY reunion. On "Nature's Way" Tommy again sings this time as back-up. This song is very different from the others on the album. It reminds me more of a Simon and Garfunkel vibe. A nice preview to the covers album Shaw/Blades will be putting out sometime this year with one of the songs being the "Sounds Of Silence".

Three songs from this album are done with Neal Schon of Journey fame, and you can tell. "Sea of Emotions", "Alone Tonight", and especially "To Touch the Sky" could come straight from a Journey album. You can tell Jack lived in the bay area and heard a lot of Steve Perry. His vocals are very similar to Perry's. With Schon's Guitar even my Husband went 'Hey is that Journey'?

There seems to be a lot on confusion about which release has what. The US release (out this week) Is the bare bones. No extra track and no videos. This is the version I have reviewed. The European version has a video for "Shine On" and an interview with Jack. The Japanese version does not have the vids but has an extra track called, "Catch You When You Fall", which I have not heard. All of these can be ordered on Amazon, however I have found the European version cheaper at www.nehrecords.com.

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