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3/13/07 - There are a couple of releases happening for the DY boys. Tommy and Jack have again joined up and Released a new album Influence. It is a great tribute to the songs they loved in the 60's and 70's. Also they are Rereleasing Damny Yankees Uprising video on DVD. Check it out!

12/21/04 - I hear the Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding Benifit was a great success. I have a few links for photos and such including some from Tommy himself, on Styxworld and His Personal site Crystal Ball. Tommy also wrote a Note about his expriences. A Friend of mine Judy also sent me this link of photos from the show. If anyone else has photos let me know and I will post them.

12/03/04 - You can find out more info on the Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding Benefit that will feature a reunion OF the Damn Yankees at the KDKB website. If any of you are lucky enough to go (since I can't...grumble grumble) I would love to feature some pictures from this show on my Site. So please send them.

11/12/04 - Off of Tommy Shaw reports that all four DY members will be preforming DY tunes at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding Benefit on December 18th in Phoenix at the Dodge Theater. This will be the first time this has happen in a LONG time. More info as I find it.

8/18/04 - has an article about Michael in it's online paper today. Michael is releasing a series of paintings about life on the road. Looks interesting, Go Michael!

7/26/04 - Well I have FINALLY updated the old site. Let me know what you think. Drop me a line at If you find any problems please let me know.

4/8/04 - Jack's new cd is out in the US now and I recieved a promo copy of this to feature on the site. I have done a review of it. This being my first writen review please be kind lol. I have also figured out what versions of the disc have what so be sure to check out the Discography. Be sure to let me know what you guys think... Remember be kind!

3/9/04 - Well the dream tour is out. Seems the powers that be only look at the bottom line. Oh Well. We do have a couple of cool things happening though. First Jack has released his first solo album the self titled Jack Blades, and Tommy helped write one of the songs and sings on the album. Hopefully I will have a review soon. Also a NEW Shaw/Blades CD is coming out hopefully this summer. It will be covers of classic songs such as: Summer Breeze (Seals and Crofts), Sounds of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel), No Matter What (Badfinger), I Am A Rock (S&G) and Lucky Man (ELP). These are of course subject to change at the will of the artist. But I know I can't wait to hear some of these.

1/5/04 - Looks like we might get Our Dream tour. Rumors abound about a Night Ranger/ Ted Nugent/ Styx tour with a DY set during Ted's show. You can find more info at Melodic Rock. Cross your Fingers that this is actually going to happen.

6/30/03 - There is a New DVD out called Rockthology Presents Hard 'n' Heavy #9 that has an interview with Ted and clips of coming of age in it. You might want to check it out.

5/3/03 - On Tuesday, May 6th, Collectables Records will re-release the out of print Damn Yankees "Don't Tread" CD. You can buy it here

2/9/03 - News from Melodic Rock:


Colin Blades has finished work on his debut solo album, set to be released sometime in the first half of 2003 on Connoisseur Records. At you can sample 4 tracks from the album - Been Too Long, All I Ever Ask, Say Goodbye Again and Are You With Me or Not. It's likely that All I Ever Ask will be the lead single. Jack Blades has worked with Colin on the record from the start and also his manager. Colin is set to make an impact in 2003, recently invited to play a AAA Radio convention in Hawaii. And if you live in the San Francisco area, check out Colin live this Wednesday night, February 5 at the Red Double Lounge @ 10pm. Stop by and say howdy to Colin from!

In related news, Jack Blades has just started work on his long overdue solo debut album! Jack promises everyone a rocking album, with Tommy Shaw already confirmed as one guest. Stay tuned for more details.

Ted Nugent has recently commented on Damn Yankees releasing album number 3, hinting that it might still see the light of day. That, says Jack, could still happen, but it won't be the music they recorded for Sony in 2000. It would be a freshly recorded album.

8/8/02 - I have added a new feature to the site, Video of the month. You can get there from the media section. This month is the Silence is broken Video. Hope you enjoy!

7/11/02 - New Ted Nugent CD uses DY songs
Ted Nugent will release the new studio album Craveman on September 24. On it are two songs that seem to be new versions of "Damned If Ya Do" and "ClusterFunk" (renamed "KLSTRPHNKY") from the unreleased 3rd DY album.

3/27/02 - New Damn Yankees Compilation
According to, a new Damn Yankees compliation The Essentials - The Damn Yankees Collection is due out on Rhino Records in May or June (originally slated for April). The track listing includes:

  1. High Enough
  2. Coming Of Age
  3. Where You Goin' Now
  4. Don't Tread On Me
  5. Come Again
  6. Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
  7. Mister Please
  8. Bad Reputation
  9. Piledriver
  10. Damn Yankees
  11. Runaway
  12. Silence Is Broken

10/18/01 - Tommy and Jack with the house band will be opening the show in Dallas So be sure and get there early!!!

10/5/01 - Ok This is the deal with the Benefit concerts. Ted has other commitments and will not be able to be at either show. Michael will be in Atlanta with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jack will only be in Dallas. According to Tommy, he and Jack will do Something with some other guys....well this is being put together quickly. So we will get Shaw/Blades in Dallas. For more info on the Benefit go to the Volunteers for America website

10/3/01 - With Tommy Shaw organizing the Volunteers for America Benefits in Atlanta and Dallas Oct 20th and 21st, rumors are abounding on the possibility of Damn Yankees getting together for the gig. Both Ted and Jack have been Rumored to be there. John Dillon on KZPS said today that Jack will be there. Although there has been no confirmation on the VFA website. Lynyrd Skynyrd is not going to be at the Dallas show so Michael may not be there. If I find out anything else I will let you know. BTW- welcome to the new site. Hope you like it.

11/15/00 - From the SFK Newsletter.....

Trouble brewing in the Damn Yankees camp as, according to Ted Nugent, the new album will be delayed indefinitely as he is not happy with the end result. Says Ted, "If it's out by September 2001, I'll be surprised. We recorded great, warbling, grunting, soulful rock and roll music then they went in and mixed it. I've never come so close to killing anybody in my life. It couldn't have been mixed more stupid. It was like a bad joke."

9/4/00 - Bad news guys, I have confirmed through two sources that the new album will not be released at this time. The band feels they haven't had the needed amount of time to work on the album properly. With all them them touring with seperate groups I can see that. However, I hear that the songs are good and are going to wait till the guys Do have more time. I think we would all like a great DY album later then a mediocer one now. I will keep you updated as I hear any other news.

8/3/00 - Well it looks like the release of the New Album is going to be pushed back to the end of the year. Evidently it just isn't right and The guys want everything to Kick When we hear it for the first time. They will be getting together at Jack's house sometime this fall to complete the album.

6/28/00 - VCR Alert!! Ted Will be on David Letterman tonight. Maybe he will say something about the yanks. Also Tommy has said that things are going good with the new album. Tommy is working with Jack on his time off.

6/16/00 - Well looks like Jack, Damon, and Tommy have been in the studio this week in NY. They are laying down Tommy's tracks on the new album. Somehow knowing these guys I bet they spent most of the last three days in the studio with their heads together making some Yankin good music and having a blast. I for one can't wait to hear what they have come up with this time.

6/3/00 - Damon Johnson has a New site called He seems to be sending a lot of info about the new DY album over there so check it out. Looks like the album is almost done recording and scheduled for a September release. The photo shoot last week in NY went well and there are pictures up of it in the Lounge area of the site. Also Tommy left a Note on the notes section about the shoot check it out! It also looks like Tommy may be making some guest appearances on tour as his schedule permits. Now won't that be a show!!!

And here we have the Song list for the album: (not in order)

  1. Mona Lisa
  2. Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Shine On
  4. I Give Nobody Nothin'
  5. We Are The Ones
  6. Too Much on My Mind
  7. Even Though
  8. ClusterFunk
  9. Don't Stop Dreamin' (Tommy lead singing)
  10. Damned if You Do (featuring an appearance by Ted's glock !!!)
  11. Yes I Can
  12. Sunshine of Your Love (Cream cover)

5/25/00 - Ok This is what I have been able to put together from all the sources. Ted, Jack, Michael and Tommy will All be on the new album. They will be joined by Damon Johnson. The album will also include guest appearances from Kelly Keagy, Kid Rock, and James Hatfield. Looks like recording will begin in June. Most of the songs have already been written. As for the tour Tommy Shaw will be Replaced by Damon. Tommy is doing a world tour With Styx right now with no end in site. But rather then Make DY wait he is behind them on their decision to tour without him.

4/22/00 - More news from Melodic Rock


Original Damn Yankees member Michael Cartellone will remain the band's drummer. Most recently the band had Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy fly in to fill in for Michael, but it is said that Portrait Records boss John Kalodner was so impressed he wanted Keagy in full time. As it turns out Cartellone was already contracted and will make himself available in between Lynyrd Skynyrd commitments. Kelly Keagy is still set to play on a few tracks on the album and also contribute some vocals.

3/23/00 - News from Melodic Rock


The Damn Yankees are back! Portrait Records have finally green lighted the project after a long delay, but with a few changes. Joining Jack Blades and Ted Nugent will be Damon Johnson of Brother Cane on guitar and vocals and none other than Night Ranger drummer Kelly Keagy.

Tommy Shaw had made himself unavailable for the band after taking the dominating role in Styx last year. Tommy remains on great terms with the band and three of the songs written with Jack Blades for the album should still make the final cut. He said he will make time to appear on the record.

Damon is said to be a killer replacement for Shaw and will sing and play guitar in his place, both on the record and on tour. He has already written two tracks with Jack Blades for the album - We Are The Ones and Even Though.

In adding Kelly Keagy the band will have four lead singers and four songwriters, a combination that should produce one classic record. Recording of the album should commence soon, with a release planned for later this year.

3/12/00 - Some happenings on the solo Yanks front.

Ted is touring with Kiss in Their National Goodbye tour. He will be hitting many of the major amplitheatres in the next month. He is also going to be on The List on VH 1. It will be recorded on March 19th. One of the other guests will be None other then Dennis DeYoung! Should be an Interesting show. As of right now There is no air date.

Tommy Is still on the Brave New World Tour with Styx. New dates are being posted all the time. Although the site is no more. As soon as they get the new site up and Running I will post the link.

Michael and Jack are both doing occasional Dates with Skynard and Night Ranger respectively.

As for the Damn Yankees, Speculations are still high about Tommy Shaw being replaced since his focus seems to be with Styx right now. But with each of the Yanks involved with other projects I guess we will just have to wait and see.

12/9/99 - Unfortunately things on the Damn Yankees front are up in the air. Many rumors are going around about Tommy Shaw being replaced. Also there is word that DY may be going in the studio again soon. But nothing is for sure on that count either. Last spring the boys signed a deal with Portrait Records. So that hopefully means something will be forth coming from the boys. For now all of them have been touring although seperately. Tommy has been out with Styx on the Brave New World tour. Michael is now the touring drummer for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ted has started the Rock never Stops Tour, which has himself as the headliner. Night Ranger, with Jack is also on that tour. So even if we can't have them together, they are out there, still making great music. Maybe one day the Damn Yankees will return to rock our faces!