These pictures all come from vidoes that I have

Behind the Music
House of Blues - Internet Concert
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Children's Miracle Network
Dennis DeYoung
Tommy Shaw
Return to Paradise
Dennis DeYoung
James "JY" Young
Tommy Shaw
Chuck Panozzo
Todd Sucherman
Keith Marks
Tommy's Tattoo
Caught In The Act
CITA Movie
Dennis DeYoung
James "JY" Young
Tommy Shaw
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo
Styx Pledge Drive
TMTOMH on German TV

Damn Yankees
Come Again
Damn Yankees
Silence is Broken
DY Bammies

Tommy Shaw
Tommy's House
St Louis
Chicago With Dennis
What If

Dennis DeYoung - Solo
Don't Wait For Heros
Regis and Kathy Lee

JY (James Young) - Solo
On Top Of The World
Lawence Gowan - Solo
Strange Animal Video
Cosmetics Video
Guerilla Soldier Video
A Criminal Mind Video
Moonlight Desires Video
Awake the giant Video
All the Lovers in the World Video
Lost Brotherhood Video
Dancing on My Own Ground Video
When There's Time for Love Video
Your Stone Walls Video