Albuquerque, NM 9/24/04



10/1/30 - Wow been a long time... Well I hope somebody still remembers my pictures lol. Finally saw Styx again after more then a year break and Yes I got pictures!

10/24/05 - I have started a Blog, which includes some of my stories of about the band. I figured I should actually write these things down before I forget them lol. Please let me know what you think.

8/11/05 - Well after all these years I have started putting reply's on my Guestbook....Sorry it took so long ;-) I will try to keep it up so check it out. I also finally added Ricky to my page...Man I am behind on soooo much lol. What next a New Video of the month? You never know ;-)

7/05/05 - Summerfest in Milwaukee was just great. What a great way to get to try out new bands, I am glad I went...Not to mention I got to play with my new toy, a Cannon Powershot Pro1. Now my pictures can be Poster size if I want lol. Check it out and let me know what you think.

9/25/04 - What a Great show last night in Albuquerque on Friday (Sept 24th) We got the 2 hour + show, with Covers and Crystal Ball! WOW! And Afterwards I got a chance to meet all the guys again at the buses...It has been since 99 since I have been able to Talk and take pictures and such with Tommy...And I got a Hug!! lol A great night all around.

9/13/04 - I got some new pictures to put up. They are from Lincoln City on Friday (Sept 10th) I didn't get any for Sat so this will be all for now. But I have another show at the end of the month so check back then ;-)

5/26/04 - Well I got the rest of the shows edited from my Five show trip. I ended up in the front row for all of them ;-) It was a great time, great Shows and Even Better Friends!!

5/19/04 - Hey I got new Pictures!! Finally LOL. It has been a while but these are worth the wait IMHO ;-) Anyway these are from May 18th Albuquerque NM. Where I actually Live! First time for me to see Styx in the town I live in. And it was a great show! Ended up in the front Right in front of Tommys if the Pictures are Tommy heavy forgive me lol. Anyway I have 4 more shows so there will be more Pictures soon I hope! Let me know what you think and Enjoy!

3/16/04 - BUTTONS!!! Yes I have new buttons for everyone to get. Now that we know the tour and such it is time for the important stuff, figuring out how many buttons you need for the shows you are going to. I have two new designs this year just for the new tour. Take a Look and let me know what you think.

3/9/04 - Well guys I know it has been a while. Sorry about that. But in contrition I have put up some more videos ;-) These are ones I have done before but got a lot of requests for. So there are SIX this month lol. Also with the new schedule coming out and new tour I will be starting a new run of buttons hopefully within the month so stay tuned.

12/18/03 - I have added an interesting article from 1981 in Seventeen Magazine. Thanks Janet for typing and sending this. BTW everyone should go check out the NEW Styxworld site. Looks like it is going to be pretty good. Not to mention the return of Gold Circle seating!! Yeah!!!

8/15/03 - Video of the month time again! This time is a Video of Lights taken from German TV in 1979. For solo I have been requested to play the Tommy Shaw Video for What If. Enjoy!!

7/23/03 - Man what a Trip!!!! I just got back from my Green Bay, Chicago, Ft Wayne trip. It was a Blast. I ended up getting backstage for Journey and REO....Hummm go on a Styx Trip and meet the other bands LOL. It was very cool though. I was able to get pictures in Green Bay of REO and Styx so check them out. I was also able to get my First Tommy Towel, Beach Ball, and a Signed Polaroid of Tommy So very cool trip. Thanks to Tif, Julie, and Judy for the great times.

7/14/03 - This months Video of the month is a Clip of Styx from 1972. It is the whole clip of the Holy Grail vid mentioned on BTM of Styx singing Best thing. The Solo Clip is a Gowan clip Of All the Lovers In the World. It reminds me of the LITR video...Funny that they came out at the same time. Enjoy!!

6/13/03 - First up Video of the month again. We have the last installment of the Grand Illusion videos with Foolin Yourself. We also Have Dennis's Desert Moon His Best Vid ever.

5/14/03 - Video of the month is here again!! First of all We finish off the Tommy Shaw interview from Ambition in 1987. Next is Miss America from the Grand Illuision Period in 1977. Enjoy!

4/24/03 - I have added some Video capture pictures to my site. These are from Behind the Music and from Some of Gowans Videos. Enjoy!

4/15/03 - That time again!! Yes I remembered!! Video of the month is here. The Styx Vid is a Clip from German TV of Come Sail Away from 1977. For solo it is Tommy's turn. I have the first two of a four part series interview with Tommy from 1987 about Ambition.

3/14/03 - Guess what?? I finally did new Videos of the month!! This month I have The Video to Too Much Time On My Hands, And Gowan's Video of I'll be There in a Minute. ;-)

3/13/03 - I have a few pictures up from the House of Blues and Walmart CD Signing up. I have also put up the poloriod Gowan took in Wichita Falls that I got. Hope you enjoy.
1/19/03 - I have the new designs up for the new Album and Tour for Cyclorama. Here is the one of them. Hope you like it!!
1/10/03 - Humm Late again...Oh well, It is Video of the month time. This month I have a live performence from 1991 of Edge of the Century on Rick Dees. Also Dennis doing Once upon a Dream on Regis and Kathy Lee in 199...Something lol.

12/16/02 - Hey everyone Just got back from Las Vegas. Love that place! Got some pictures from Saturday's show at the Paris. Hope you like them go take a look. ;-)

12/8/02 - Once again It is Video of the month time. This month is two videos from German TV...The First is from about 1981 of Too Much Time on our Hands. The second is from 1985, Tommy Shaw's What if.

11/8/02 - Once again It is Video of the month time. This month is the Video for Love is the Ritual...Man is it Hot! Although My copy is not the greatest you will get the idea ;) As for solo I have Gowan's Strange Animal. I didn't know he could dance like that! Keep in mind this was one of his first...Made in the 80's...It is definatly fun!

10/3/02 - Video of the month time! This month is Borrowed Time for Styx. It is a Concert Video of the Cornerstone tour. And yes everyone has long hair! LOL For the solo vid this month I have JY's Top of the World as requested. This is from his City Slicker album. Hope you enjoy.

9/7/02 - Looks like Styx will be on an upcoming Christmas album being put out by CMC. The Song Styx will be doing is called "All I want for Christmas". I have a version of it Tommy did on the radio a few years ago. Go check it out on my Music Download page.

9/1/02 - Ok New Vids are up, Video of the month!!. This month is The Styx Video to Heavy Metal Poisoning. This has all the extra footage people are always looking for in the CITA video. I am also putting up Dennis's Don't wait for Heros Video. I do like his story vids.

8/8/02 - I am adding a new feature to my site. Video of the month!! Every month I am going to put up two videos for you to Download. One will be a Styx Vid and the other will be a solo vid. If there are any videos you want to see let me know. This month I am putting up The Styx Video of Haven't we Been Here Before. As far as I know it was only shown twice on Friday Night Videos. The Solo vid this month is Tommy Shaw's No Such Thing from His Ambition Album.

4/26/02 - Well I am finally putting out some new buttons. Here is the new one Hope you like it!!
2/27/02 - Styx Played in Grand Prairie Last Night. What a show!!! They were really strict about cameras but I did sneak a few shots. Let me know what you think!

1/25/02 - There is a new article out about Chuck and they asked to use My photo!! It is on The Buffalo Outlook Website. Hope you like it.

10/25/01 - Well I got back my pictures...Out of Three rolls of film only one came out...Luckily it is the one with Jack and Tommy on it. So here it is It isn't as good as normal for me but this is history!!
10/22/01 - WOW!!! That is all I can say About the Volunteers for Amerca Concerts. I can't put into words what it was like sharing that with 15,000 people. I was so proud of Tommy and what he acomplished. I wasn't sitting really close but I did get some pictures and Videos and snagged a bit of sound. The sound clips are not entire songs they are pieced together and it isn't the greatest but at least you can hear Tommy and Jack. As for the Video, it is of Jouneys last song, "Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin, When everyone in the show came out to sing with them. As for the pictures I had to use a regular camera so It may take me a few days to get them up. Thanks to Everyone who helped to put on this amazing event. And special thanks to Tommy for having the inspiration to do it.
10/2/01 - Welcome to the new site!!!! Well ok it looks basically the same but I have my own domain now, Not everything is up and running yet but It will be soon. Now I am sure you are wondering where to find the rest of the pictures that go with this one...I got to go to Atlantic City this past weekend. Man what a show!! I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
8/19/01 - Sheri got some more pictures!! Take a look. 6/23/01 - Hey Got some pictures up of Joe Stark in Dallas. Go take a look.

6/12/01 - More new Pictures!!!! Sheri Hastings has taken some more pictures. So take a look. 6/6/01 - New Pictures!!!! Sheri Hastings has allowed me to post her pictures from some of the CA shows So Take a look.
4/29/01 - New Buttons!!
New design for the new tour. Order now!!
4/26/01 - I have made a section in the gallery for my very best Pictures of the last two years. I have a lot of pictures up here I know going through them can be tiresome. So if you only have a few mins and want to see what I consider the Best Here you go.

3/11/01 - Just updating a few little things. A bit of a new look to the gallery page, hopefully making it easier to find stuff. I also added a great story called Awakenings. You need to go read it. Plus some new added links and adjustments on other pages.

2/4/01 - Well I just got back from the Tulsa and Wichita Shows. They were GREAT!! Ended up Front row both nights and Got some great Pictures Of Both Styx and REO. So be sure and check them out.
1/26/01 - I have Some New pictures up on the gallery page Be sure to check them out.
1/06/01 - I have updated just about everything (about time huh?) So be sure and take a look around again. One of the new features on my site is the button and T-shirt pages. Now anytime you need more buttons you can order them right here. Also I have made up a store Featuring a new Design each month. This month is the Styx 5.1 pictures. You can Order T-shirts, mugs, and Mouse pads. Each month I will be putting a new design up.

Now a little about me

I have been a Styx fan since I got Paradise Theatre in 1982. Then I got Kilroy (yes I loved it) and my fate was sealed!! I kept hearing these songs and they always turned out to be more Styx songs. I started collecting ALL their albums and hear I am. Yes I am a tommyfan but I do love all the music!!! I can always find a great song to fit my moods and they always make me feel better!! I have loved lots of music but I always come back to them.
       I was one of those fans who never got a chance to see them in concert because they broke up about the time I was old enough to go to a concert. But in 1996 my dream of seeing Styx LIVE in concert came true. I entered the Styx quiz drawing and WON!! You should have seen me I was shaking so much reading the e-mail that I almost fell out of chair. You see it wasn't just tickets I won I won BACKSTAGE passes!!! So on July 4th 1996, I got not only to see Styx Live for the first time, I got to MEET them!! What a day. I meet all of the guys plus Keith. Got lots of Autographs. And Didn't make a fool of myself, Amazing. Well that wasn't the end of my amazing summer. The next night some friends (that I had meet though the internet) and I went on to Houston to see that show. Well I had pretty good seats. At least so I thought. When all was said and done I ended up in the FRONT row Right in front of Tommy. No Barrier, so close I could hear him sing without the mic. In some ways I think that was better then going backstage. Two hours of the boys up close and personal. Well I ended up going to two more shows that summer and was front row again at one and went backstage at the other. I have to say that Summer was the best I have had in a long time and It would take a lot to top. I met so many wonderful people and had so many memories that I will never forget.