The first time I ever saw Tommy in concert live was in a small concert in Lawton, Oklahoma. This was during his Girls With Guns Concert tour. I won these tickets on a radio show contest. I was 16 and this was my First concert ever. It may not have been as big as the other concerts I have gone to but it was the first and will always be memorable to me.
This concert took place in Charleston SC. It is the one and only (so far) Damn Yankees concert I have seen. This was when they were opening for Bad Company. It should have been the other way around. I left after DY, nothing could have topped that for me.
I would love to say I got this Pick at a DY concert but I didn't. I got it from a friend in exchange for some video copies. But I still have it!!
I got my Ambition CD booklet signed during the Dallas concert in '96. I bought this CD when It came out. So I have had it the whole time. Everytime I find a copy of it I try to pass it on to others that haven't had the chance to own it. It is my favorite of Tommy's three earlyer soslo albums. Which is why I got it signed the first chance I got.
I picked this pick up literaly off the stage in Houston. Tommy had tried to do a Behind the back Toss and it didn't fly. When It fell on the stage a Picked it up. Lucky me!
During the Dallas 1997 Grand Illusion show I also got Tommy's slide But it is hard to Scan so I don't have a picture of it yet. Actually my friend Chris caught it, but somehow I ended up with it (grin). Tommy didn't throw many of these during that tour and I think the reason he did then was because of the sign I held up saying "Throw Pic/Slide here". I know it didn't hurt.
When I got My Hallucination CD signed, in Ames Iowa, Tommy almost grabed the booklet out of my hand and started to flip though it. He leaned over to Todd and started telling him how to make the picture of the two kids inside they had cut and pasted his head onto the body of Jack's brother to make it look like Tommy and Jack had been playing together since they were kids. He then signed it letting me add just a bit more knowledge to the growing info on Tommy Shaw.

7Deadly Zens Tour

7DZ CD booklet

I wasn't even supposed to go to the 7DZ tour. The closest show was 10 hours away and my common sense said no way. Well I was feeling pretty low, and I mentioned the show to my friend Chris and he said we show go. Well extra money fell into our laps...and there you go. I called for tickets in Memphis, and all they had was row ZZ. Oh well at least I was going. We had a great trip, got to the hotel to see tour buses pull in. Unfortunately Tommy wasn't staying there but some of the other bands were. I met up with a lot of friends in the lobby and as we stood around talking I found out Sharon had an extra ticket, 3rd row. She was so sweet and Let me have it. Cool from row ZZ to the 3rd row. (the farthest I have ever seen Tommy in concert is the 18th row, I have been real Lucky!!) I saw Keith and went to say hi. I had seen since the previous summer but he remembered me from on-line. After Tommy's show, which was Outstanding, (not to mention that Tommy looked Great!! finally longer hair) I went to see what was going on with the meet and greet. I found where it was and when Keith came out I asked if There was anyway I could go backstage. He told me to wait, I was talking to some other fans when He came over and said OK. Well the guards thought he was motioning to them too and let them in. My good deed for the day. They had never met Tommy before. Keith handed me the album flat and told me to stay put. Of course Keith...Thank-you Keith!! Tommy came out and it went the same as always standing in a line waiting.
When it was my turn, I introduced myself and told him my screen name. Recognition came into his eyes and he started really talking to me. In fact he held up the line to talk longer with me. Thanks Tommy, you are too cool. Anyway after that I saw Michael sitting over with some people. I went to thank Keith again and Mentioned how cool it would be to have Michael sign my 7DZ CD since he played on it. Keith said he was Busy but he took the booklet over and had it signed for me. Geez...aren't these people great!?! So if you look real close you can see his signature on the bottom of the booklet. (he had to sign in the black part). I have to say I am soooo glad I went!! I went from not going to 3rd row and backstage. What a trip!!
Album Flat

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