Good Day Lords and Ladies, and welcome to my Domain. My name is Melody Shaw and I was born in Ireland in 1505. I have four younger Half-brothers, and my extended family is the O'Rourke Clan. My father is a captain of a Scottish vessel. Which makes me Scotts-Irish. One Day I will write down of my travels from my home of Ireland to this new land of Ansteorra. But for now Let's just say I am here.

     I love to dabble in many different things. I have Done and still do occasionally the bardic arts. I was once the Title Bard of Eldern Hills. In that same area I love Middle eastern drumming and dancing. I also do Leather craft, woodburning, and Oriental origami. As for the fighting aspect, there is Rapier fighting. I enjoy doing many different things.

     I was given my Award of Arms on April 4th, Anno Societios XXXII (or 1998). So that is Lady Melody to you. Just Kidding. When I arrived in this kingdom I quickly joined up with a household Called the Black Company. We are a mercenary band who defiantly knows how to party.

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